The former Celtics star fanned flames on Instagram after fans chanted "Kyrie sucks" Wednesday night.

Wednesday night was supposed to be an early Thanksgiving feast for Celtics fans. Kyrie Irving's long-awaited return to TD Garden, after a more than slightly awkward exit. A nagging shoulder injury has put the Brooklyn Net on the injured list, and Kyrie didn't even make the trip to Boston. Jilted fans were not deterred, as they were seen putting up posters portraying him as the Cowardly Lion, wore shirts asking, "where's Kyrie?" and cursed him all evening.

Kyrie has heard the whispers grow louder, and took to his Instagram story because he'd had enough. The man who's Gram-bio states "I AM" wrote: “It happens all the time and Tonight just shows how Sports/Entertainment will always be ignorant and obtrusive.” “It’s one big SHOW that means very little in the real world.”

So, if it meant very little, why write a novel on an Instagram story? 



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