Thankfully Motorcycle Week has been moved from a June 13 kick-off to August 22 this year and not canceled.

Usually, the Laconia Motorcycle Week is the unofficial kick-off to summer here in New Hampshire and it brings a big boost to our economy.

This year, event organizers, including executive director Charlie St. Clair, told that there were no plans to cancel.

“It’s going to be different and difficult for a lot of people to get here, as far as vendors and people like that. But they’ll do it. They’ll be here for this,” explained St. Clair to the news station.

Channel Waterfront Cottages were all booked for the original date in June but most guests have moved their bookings to coincide with Laconia Motorcycle Week’s new date of August 22, according to

The date was chosen by the organizers so as not to conflict with other rallies. Its unsure what economic boost it will bring to the area since so many people are out of work.

Here’s hoping we can turn this thing around and flatten the curve to see these famous bikers ride into town with a bang.


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