There's so much to get excited about at the upcoming NASCAR weekend at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire.

There's Next Gen race cars with bright color schemes, some of the best drivers in the world racing on the Magic Mile, and excitement for all ages.

The cheers for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. reporting from pit road, the bands playing in the Groove Zone, the campers nestled in and around the track for an epic weekend of racing, all make for an experience unlike any other sporting event.

So, what's all the fuss about?  It's another great sport for New England as the final races play out, and the leaders vie for the best position and the most points.  But this year, there's something else that pretty darn special.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway has a specialty food item that'll make you think you died and gone to heaven.  Some people call them donut burgers, others call them doburgers, but whatever you call them, they are in a league of their own.

vincent orest/NHMS via Facebook
vincent orest/NHMS via Facebook

Imagine a wonderful maple glazed donut.  Then slice it in half, put a juicy cheeseburger in the middle, and voila, you have a maple-glazed doburger.  It's a donut as the "bun", and a burger in the middle.  If you've never had one, it's a must try menu item, and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway is featuring this delightful food item on Saturday and Sunday only, just for NASCAR weekend.

If you are attending the Xfinity Series race on Saturday or the Cup Series race on Sunday, look for the maple-glazed donut burger.  I'm told it's heaven.

I just want to know if there's bacon on it too.

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