One Alabama man is on a quest to give back to all Veterans across the area this Memorial Day Weekend by mowing their lawns.

Rodney Smith Jr. is quite the guy. This weekend, he is up from Alabama for the sole purpose of giving back to Veterans. Smith Jr. has pledged to mow the lawn for any Veteran in New England this weekend.

Recently, he paid a visit to the American Legions/ Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Manchester, New Hampshire. Yes, they let him mow the lawn while he was there, since wasn't able to find one in the neighborhood

According to a post on Facebook, he was already hard at work Friday morning. Smith stopped off in Gray, Maine and mowed the Perry's lawn. Mr. perry served 6 years in the U.S Navy, and was at work with Smith showed up. Now, the homeowner has a mow-free weekend!

If you know of a veteran or a widow of a veteran whose lawn needs to be mowed Rodney asks you let him know. Its FREE. Text him at 256-508-9440

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