Ahead of his show at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Lee Brice called into The Big Breakfast, and the conversation turned to what drives him back to the Granite State.

Between the seacoast of New Hampshire, and Portland, Maine, Lee has played the area more often than most national headliners. It's a place he circles back to for the variety of terrain. "I love being on the coast, and I love getting real high up there." The latter, referring to time he's spent in the White Mountains. Lee was also going to credit the Granite State's weather, but after this week, he decided to pull back on that atta boy.

When you see him Sunday night, you're likely to notice less of him. Since recently turning 39, Lee has made a commitment "to be in the best shape of my life" by the time he turns 40. It's been working, and he credits losing 25 lbs to healthy eating, and walking with his golf clubs, instead of using a cart.

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