Okay, it's time to visit this place if you haven't discovered it yet.  Get ready to hit the Kingdom Quest ride, enjoy the cafe, or do some shopping after a day of immersive adventure, and play or close out your day at the the 4D theatre.  Welcome to the newest addition to the LEGO Family around the world, with this first-of-its-kind LEGO Discovery Center Boston.  According to LEGO, right here in our own backyard is North America’s next generation for LEGO lovers.

The new immersive experience is designed to allow more family learning-through-play activities and will also include a new team of specialist Playmakers and Master Model Builders who will continue to inspire guests through fun, interactive LEGO Creative Workshops.

To start with, there's an incredibly intricate interactive display of Boston landmarks, as well as a LEGO maze and climbing wall.  According to LEGO, a $12 million renovation of its 43,000-square-foot center changes everything.  It's still in Somerville's Assembly Row, just better by around two million LEGO blocks.

LEGO Discovery Center Boston
LEGO Discovery Center Boston

According to Boston.com, there is so much to do, and you can easily spend all day entering the digital universe and building spaceships, visiting a tiny tots area with brick pits and a duck pond, or go to the area that lets kids build mini LEGO figures.  There are workshops where you'll learn all kinds fun, creative tips when it comes to playing with your LEGOs. There's even a Creative Club with various activities, or you can hit up the LEGO Tree of Togetherness with challenges and fun building activities with experts.  Finally, there are Build Adventure areas where you play, build, and just have fun.

Here's the thing, though: you must have reservations, as they do limit the number of guests to ensure the best experience for everyone.  So, make sure you buy your tickets here, and don't worry. Once you have your tickets, you can stay as long as you want.

PS: LEGO plans to move its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston in 2026.

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