Everything feels different this year. March madness didn't exist, no one celebrated St Patty's Day at an Irish pub, and now Easter has rolled around and guess what? We still can't leave our houses! We have transformed our lives in the ways that we work, shop, and spend time with family and friends. We are resilient and will be overcome this. We just need to hang in there and keep our spirits up. But also, it's okay to have bad days too.

The good news is that local businesses are stepping up their game to fill that Easter void in all of our hearts. If you are low on groceries or simply don't have the strength to prepare an entire Easter dinner; FEAR NOT! The Foundry Restaurant in Manchester shared this menu on their Facebook page. You can have your spiraled ham and eat it too!

They can't cook Easter dinner for everyone in the Queen city, though I'm sure they wish they could! So make sure you get your order in ASAP. They will only be able to take the first 120 orders and the cut off is Saturday at 5 pm.

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating. Stay safe and healthy!

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