What will Brady do next season? The anticipation is KILLING us! There are all kinds of rumors floating around but we don't anything for sure. First he sold his house in Brookline, MA and moved to Connecticut. Allegedly the suite at Gillette where Gisele and the kids watch games has been COMPLETELY cleaned out. Now several reports indicate that Tom Brady will be offered at least $30 million a year on a two to three-year contract from multiple teams. The Colts, Chargers, and Tennessee Titans are all chomping at the bit. The idea of Tom Brady finishing his career on a different team makes me want to ugly cry.

We are hoping TB12 hears this exclusive Chio and Kira remix of Florida Georgia Line's "Stay". We really poured our hearts into this one and are speaking on behalf of Patriots fans everywhere. Feel free to share it on your social media so Tom has a better chance of hearing it. Enjoy!

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