Our WOKQ Sessions that we host here at the radio station for our listeners and clients are pretty special.

It's extremely intimate as there's no more than 20-25 people. The artists that come thru normally play 3-5 songs. There's a Q&A, you can have your picture taken with them, get their autographs.

We even have lunch for everybody and drinks (sorry no alcohol).

Some of the country artists that have come through Dylan Scott, Riley Green, Rodney Atkins, Stephanie Quayle Just to name a few.

Preston and Chris AKA LOCASH stopped by the other day and put on an amazing show.

Wow, I was extremely impressed with how cool and awesome they were and so funny, too.

Every time I have hosted a WOKQ Sessions I came away being a bigger fan of theirs. One thing about country artists is that they are SO down to earth, just real people and so appreciative of your time.

You don't see that in other radio formats.

Check out our rapid-fire questions video with them where they try to answer a bunch of questions in 60 seconds. They talk their favorite shows, what makes them get up in the morning and more!

Get all the info and upcoming WOKQ Sessions artists here.

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