For those of us that still refer to them as Unidentified Flying Objects, we need to get up to speed.

According to, writer Liz Markhlevskaya tells us that the deputy chief of naval operations and warfare, Joseph Gradisher, says they are referred to as UAS or "Unmanned Aerial System."

A recent spate of sightings has occurred in and around New Hampshire, particularly the Portsmouth area, the article reports.

Are they looking for a good lobster roll?  Why here?

The most recent sighting, according to, was out a bathroom window on April 2, 2019, at 2 am.

The witness reportedly spotted a large bright object in the sky.

A classified briefing was held for Senators just last week on Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS/UFOs, stated.

President Donald Trump has mentioned that he was recently briefed on the issue.

If other life forms from distant galaxies want to visit, I hope we make them feel welcome.  And I hope they don’t eat us.  Keep looking up, you never know what you may see!

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