Lead singer of Aerosmith Steven Tyler was in the Granite State Thursday night cozying up to some local vendors at the NH Craftsman fair. It looks like he and this particular vendor had a special bond!

It is so great to see someone of Steven Tyler's level of fame support community events like this one!

Do you think the conversation went a little something like this between vendors?

Vendor 1: Did you see that Steven Tyler is here?
Vendor 2: Yeah, right. DREAM ON.
Vendor 1: I'll show you, WALK THIS WAY.
Vendor 2: Oh my god you're right that is Steven Tyler.
Vendor 1: It is so great to see you back in the Granite State Mr. Tyler.
Steven Tyler: Well what can I say, I love it here. I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING.

and scene.

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