A lot of people are out of work right now, and if you're trying to find something new, even temporarily, this might be for you.  Hannaford just announced they are looking to hire about 2,000 new employees throughout New England and New York.

According to the press release, Hannaford is working with other industries such as tourism, hospitality and retail to try to help displaced workers due to Covid-19.  The supermarket chain is based in Scarbourough, ME but has stores throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well.

Hannaford Director of Talent Development, Scott LeClair, says they need more employees to help maintain a 'safe and healthy" environment for their customers.  The demand at Hannaford has been even higher since the crisis began including demand for their Hannaford To Go Curbside Pickup Service.

According to the press release, they are looking to fill positions in all areas including front end, stocking shelves, and of course filling orders for their "to-go" service.

Hannaford most recently hired about 2,200 new employees since mid March, according to the press release.  In additon, they have been active in the fight against the Coronavirus.

In March, Hannaford announced they were donating $750,000 to various food banks, including NH Food Bank, and other programs that work with the homeless population.

Hannaford President Mike Vaill said at the time:

“Every day, we are learning more about the impact of this virus and responding together as a community to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Positions currently open are pretty flexible, with both full and part time hours available. If you're interested you can get more information here.


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