There's always a quest for the best sandwiches all around New England, and sometimes, the recommendations can be dicey (or debatable at the least).

Who has the best chicken sandwich in New Hampshire? Where do you get the best steak sandwich?  Should we talk about Italian subs?

You get it.  If you love submarine sandwiches the way most Americans do, where in this great state can you get the most for your money?

It all started with a simple post on New Hampshire Eats. One contributor posted his steak bomb sandwich from a sub shop you might never think of trying.  In fact, this contributor loved to throw shade on those who swore this kitchen had the best subs.

Market Basket via Facebook
Market Basket via Facebook

Sure enough, after trying Market Basket "Market's Kitchen" inside the store, he emerged with a robust steak bomb sandwich overloaded with steak and built just the way he liked it.

Admitting you're wrong on social media takes a lot of chutzpah, but that's what he did. Over 200 people commented about the Market Basket sandwiches and how good they really are.

Here's the kicker.  This huge steak bomb was only $6.99, making it the best and tastiest deal around.  Other sub shops might offer this kind of sandwich at $16.99, but not New England's Market Basket.

Market Basket via Facebook
Market Basket via Facebook

There are over 30 Market Basket stores in New Hampshire, with at least 16 having Market's Kitchens. So you should be able to find one near you.

Oh, and here's another hot tip.  The Market Basket rotisserie chicken is excellent for a quick meal, and they have great egg rolls and pizza.

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