It was the ceremonial first pitch felt around the world. The Boston Red Sox were honoring the 1967 "Impossible Dream" team, and The Jimmy Fund, before the game on Wednesday.

Pediatric cancer survivor, Jordan Leandre, had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. However, instead of finding it's way into the catcher's glove, the ball veered right and struck a photographer in the groin!

The enormous groan of agony you heard at that exact moment was every man who's ever been hit in the groin, collectively bending over simultaneously as writhing in agony.
But just an instant later laughing hysterically...and then watching the video on repeat for half an hour. OK...maybe that was just me.

If for some strange reason you missed it is.

By the way, the photographer is Tony Capobianco. He says he's doing his best to laugh it off. He said he's watched the video multiple times, and can't help but find some joy in it.

So as long as the guy that got hit can laugh about it...I guess we can too.

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