Ski season is officially upon us and the trails are ready to ride at Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire:

When it comes to skiing in New England, Loon Mountain is a fan favorite! It is easily accessible and is known for it's fantastic conditions and friendly staff.

I just picked up skiing last year and as an uncoordinated woman in her 30s, I can say that Loon Mountain was a fantastic place for me to learn. Just look at me Pizza-ing my way down this mountain:

Yeah, I'm no Lindsey Vonn but you have to start somewhere, right?

The talk of the town this year at Loon is the Kancamagus 8! It opened to the public on December 10th and according to Loon's website, the Kanc 8 is the most technologically advanced chairlift in the East:

Jay Scambio is the General Manager and President of Loon Mountain and he said:

“We needed to install a lift with technology and features that will remain cutting edge for years to come – and Kanc 8 is just that."


Imagine riding up to the top of the mountain while your precious face is shielded from the snow and wind and your your tushy is nice and toasty with state of the art seat warmers. It's like riding in first class. Guests have called it "The Disneyland of Chairlifts".

Some trolls on Facebook had negative things to say about it. I guess they prefer their butts to be cold and wet.

Have you ridden the Kanc 8 yet?!

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