This is a nightmare for most lose your wedding AND engagement ring., certainly... these are the two most important pieces of jewelry most women own.

Well, one woman in New England accidentally donated both her wedding and engagement ring by accident, and now needs help tracking them down.

About a month ago, Chrissy was doing work around her house, which led her to take off her wedding and engagement ring. It must have been a whole house fall clean-up, because in the next week or so, she also donated some of her clothing to Goodwill.

“I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of clothes,” said Chrissy, according to a News 8 article. “A last-minute decision, I threw in a sweatshirt. It was a blue zip-up hoodie, and I left my rings in the pocket.”

The Connecticut native had been happily married for 10 years.

By the time she realized her rings were missing, she returned to the same Goodwill in Plainville. However, the blue sweatshirt was gone.

The ring was different. "It was unique. So, I can’t replace the sentimental value,” Chrissy told WTNH News 8. “I also can’t replace the physical piece because they don’t make it anymore, and there’s nothing that I’ve seen that’s similar.”

Obviously, Chrissy and her friends went through all of the racks at the Goodwill. Then she moved to search local pawn shops.


From there she started searching online...still nothing.

These rings are out there. Someone likely has it, OR (and I think this is more likely) someone pawned it off for the cash value.

Either way, we can come together in New England to find them. Someone knows someone who knows someone who knows SOMETHING.

Although Chrissy knows she may need the public's help, she is private, and is not releasing her last name.

If anyone has any leads to the missing rings, she has asked the public to email News 8 at

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