Restrictions are loosening in Massachusetts about getting back to work, but what does that mean if you have kids?  Are you ready to send them back to daycare, and if so, is that even going to be an option?

According to Masslive, daycare providers in Massachusetts have been given the go ahead to open, but it might not be a viable option.  There are many new regulations that providers have to adhere to, like cutting the size of the class in half.   Masslive says that there used to be a 20 child max, that has now been cut to 10.  In addition, there needs to be one teacher for every five kids and teachers will no longer be able to go from class to class.  Daycares will also only be allowed to have three kids under the age of two.

Many providers are saying financially it just won't work, according to Masslive.  WGBH reports that kids will not be allowed to "co-mingle".  Masks will also be required for children above the age of two.

Trying to keep a mask on a child all day seems like an impossible task.  WGBH is reporting that more than 34,000 providers have signed a petition saying that these new guidelines will "cripple" their business., as well as instill "fear and anxiety" with children.

It's a difficult decision, especially if both parents have to work to make ends meet.


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