I won't lie. At first, I thought this concept was really dumb when a friend of mine told me that people build little fairy houses in the middle of the woods on Mackworth Island in Maine.

Wait. Really?

But once I saw the scene in person, it was actually pretty magical.

Mackworth is cute little woodsy island off the coast of Maine near Freeport that's actually accessible to the mainland by a tiny bridge. Honestly, if you didn't know what you were looking for, it's possible to miss the island entrance all together.

If you can believe it, not only is this island filled with the tallest trees, but if you go deep into the woods enough you'll find a fairy village built by mankind. Or maybe fairies?

It's actually adorable to keep some magic alive in this world lately!

The idea behind the fairy village, is that visitors collect all the goodies they can find on their hike, but it must be from the earth. For example, some people make mini log cabins out of tiny branches and rocks while others use berries for decoration!


It's really all up to your own creativity and some people have created some really enchanting little neighborhoods for when the fairy's come home. HAHA, I'm sorry I know it sounds crazy but its real!

Here are the fairy house-building rules that are posted on a sign on the island, which you can see in the Instagram post below:

"You may build houses small and hidden for the fairies, but please do not use living or artificial materials. The best materials are found in the landscape of the village itself, but if you choose to bring in natural materials, please return with those that you didn't use. Thank you for treating the island with care and respect. This helps keep the fairies coming back."

Want to go build some fairy houses?

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