Earlier this week, the City Council voted unanimously to raise the age to 21 for purchasing CBD products, including those labelled as dietary supplements or included in food products.

According to the Journal Tribune, retailers in Sanford, Maine who sell products containing cannabidiol, known as CBD will have to make sure the customer is at least 21 years old. This includes popular items such as gummy candies and drinks. In addition, stores who sell CBD products will be regulated on how the items can be displayed.

The measure was introduced by Deputy Mayor Lucas Lanigan, who told the Journal Tribune “I think the CBD market is a facade to make it seem like marijuana is a safe product for our youths’ consumption and a cure-all for any medical ailment.” Sanford could also seek court action for the civil violation.

Sanford's vape shop were also discussed. According to the Journal Tribune, the council voted to prohibit them from locating within 500 feet of any public or private primary or secondary school.

Councilor Robert Stackpole told the Journal Tribune “It’s all about safety.”


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