How many people can say they have never missed a Super Bowl and have attended 54 in person?

It’s a very small club called the “Never Missed a Super Bowl” club.

According to WMTW.com, there are only three members left in the club, and one of them is a Maine resident: Don Crisman of Kennebunk.

For the past half-century, there have been times when he encountered some obstacles to his in-person attendance at the Super Bowl, the news station reported, and given the pandemic, Crisman’s hopes were not high that he would make it this year, especially after he heard from the NFL.

Crisman tells WMTW.com, “I had pretty much been thinking it wasn’t going to happen, and on New Year’s Day, the NFL sent us an email saying, ‘They weren’t going to be able to help you.’ So, I started to accept it.  You know, this is the best way to end it.”

The in-person attendance at the big game this year will be limited to 22,000, and they will be well spread out across the stadium, the news station reported.

The Wall Street Journal heard about Crisman’s story and intervened with the NFL, per the news outlet.  Crisman has to pay for his and his daughter’s ticket, but the NFL is giving him and his daughter the opportunity to attend.

Crisman has already received a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but being 85 years old he is not taking any chances and plans to keep away from the crowds and stick to large open areas, WMTW stated.

He will have a reunion of sorts with the two other members of the club and do a small media event.

You may wonder, given that Crisman is a long time New England Patriots fan, who he will be cheering for.

He knows the New England area fans a split on what they want Brady’s’ fate to be, but Crisman hopes Brady wins, he told the news station.

So do I...I think it will be a great story if Brady wins.


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