The transient, who was asleep, and picked up by a waste removal vehicle, is recovering in a hospital.

According to News Center Maine, staff at Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center  nursing home Staff members were walking into work at Westgate Manor on Union Street. They told authorities they heard screams for help coming from the truck. The transient was sleeping in a dumpster, and authorities say he was suddenly picked up by a trash truck. The driver, an employee of Casella Waste Systems, apparently had no idea a person was in the back, and upon learning of the situation, called 9-1-1. After halting operation, the man was rescued by Bangor Fire crews. Officials say the man suffered some injury, but it isn't thought to be life threatening.

The transient, who's name is not known at this time, was taken to Northern Light EMMC, and Bangor Fire crews helped pick up all the trash that was dumped while they were trying to remove the person.



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