The 2014 Winter Olympics are reportedly going to be the most expensive games in history, but a number of posts from aggravated reporters on Twitter may make you think otherwise. Maine Olympic athlete Russell Currier has posted a few of his Sochi Problems online.

Michal Cizek/Getty Image
Michal Cizek/Getty Image
Twitter about his current situation:

He explained further in a 
blog post about his #SochiProblems.

We are under strict recommendations to wear the right brand of clothing at certain places. It's free game in our cabins, but once we leave we're supposed to wear either the Nike or Ralph Lauren clothing that we were fitted with. In the whole biathlon area we have to make the switch to the Olympic Adidas clothing.

Here's a look at Russell and fellow Olympian Leif Nordgren sporting their Olympic attire.

Russell goes on in his blog about the amount of walking he's had to endure and the unreliable shuttle bus. 

 The USA house is the furthest from everything. Okay, so we're close to the laundry mat, but you can't exactly eat or train at the laundry mat. Monday was the first full day in the Endurance Village. We logged loosely two hours and fifteen minutes of walking. The last hill up to biathlon venue is steep and long enough to count as training. I've come to realize that the fitness too walking tolerance ratio of a full time endurance athlete is not proportional. For the amount of money and resources that when into the monumental village you would think keeping up with shuttle bus service would be cake walk. Well, here are. The initial schedule said "every five minutes" Was that a typo? Did they mean to say "hours"? This is, after all, The Olympics. If we're not training we're resting. Walking is a grey area and accomplishes little too nothing.


At least during long waits for the troublesome shuttle Russell can check emails from US Senator Angus King (when the internet is working of course).

With all of the #SochiProblems affecting those visiting "Mother Russia", Russell managed to find a bright side.

Yesterday was the first day to have a cloud in the sky. The temps are little colder than last year, but nothing inconvenient. The trip over here was surprisingly smooth. You could tell there was long list of logistics that went into the Saturday and Sunday of last week. Team processing was pretty much the way I though it would be. Which was awesome by the way. The accommodations are roomy. In my opinion the food is just fine.

To keep track of what Russell is up to, follow him on Twitter and bookmark his blog.

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