They won't be able to help you...

The Bangor Police Department Facebook page is spectacular. For truly laugh out loud, and not just the emoji response, read some posts. Like the post they had warning NOT to take your spouse's ice scraper.

Taking a spousal snowbrush is akin to a Class B felony, and there's nothing we can do for you. No, really, don't even call us.


First, the Bangor Police Department's retired LT Tim Cotton argues that the ice scraper should have never left your car in the first place. I mean, why? Does it take up THAT much room that you would risk losing it before winter? And do you really trust yourself to remember to put it in BEFORE you need it? Hell no. So they plead to get it and put it back in your car and don't even think of removing it from a spouse's car. We've covered that.

However, taking it from your kid's car is a different story.

Now, if your kid drives a car, removing their brush is acceptable but kind of a jerk move. However, kids are resilient, and they wear shorts in February. They'll be fine.

LT Cotton, sorry, retired LT Cotton was putting out a warning before last week's storm. This was a friendly reminder to clean off all parts of your car. Glass, roof, and hood. And even though we live in a seafaring state, peeking through a porthole in your windshield is not going to cut it. He minced no words,

Don't do that. Don't be an a&&, clear off the glass.

LT (retired) Cotton has not had that slogan copyrighted, and fears he may be fired for writing it. But as he points out, he could use the time to shovel. The big ending message was to be safe and be kind to one another. I love the Bangor Police Department's Facebook. 


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