Spring is here, which means a lot of different things, especially for pet owners.

For one, get the bath, shampoo, and extra towels ready, because muddy paws are going to be making a mess.

Besides muddy floors, there are serious threats as we humans and our beloved animals start exploring more and venture off the pavement and onto the trails.

Although it may be easier (and more enjoyable) to let your pups run off leash and explore new areas, just be warned it is not only us humans that are starting to come out of the deep dark winter.

Last year, this cutie named Abe was rushed to Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinarian Clinic after taking a tumble down a hill with a porcupine. The porcupine won the battle. Fortunately, Abe would be okay, and we are able to use this as an example for the rest of the pet world.

As eager as you are to get out and play in the spring weather, so are porcupines and other animals that may unintentionally hurt your nature-loving pet.

Flo The Skunk Arrives At Edinburgh Zoo
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Oh, the skunk. Many of us are picturing your smell right now.

I recently "split" a skunk coming into the studio at 4:30 AM last week.

Splitting is when you successfully drive over an animal or object that is in the middle of the road without hitting it with any part of your car. You "split" it down the middle between your wheels.

Thankfully, I drove right over the little skunk; however, seeing a skunk out and about followed by Abe's unlucky porcupine encounter has reminded me that the wildlife in New Hampshire is coming out and getting active.

Let me rephrase. We humans and our pets are coming out of being locked up all winter, and we are running into more wildlife as we walk through their terrain.

Moral of the story? Keep yourself and your pets on a tight leash. You don't want to end up like poor Abe.

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