After the year that the universe has thrown our way, especially the way of local businesses and especially restaurant owners, it's about time Mother Nature throws us a bone!

Maine Restaurant Week kicked off last Monday, March 1, and will wrap up tomorrow after serving the 207 with 12 days of absolute deliciousness. And with Maine Restaurant Week waving the usual $495 fee this year due to everything going on, even more restaurants in the state have been showcased.

So, it's fitting that since this year involves an outdoor dining option, that the final two days of Maine Restaurant Week 2021 will see temperatures anywhere between the mid-50s to the lower 60s. PERFECTLY comfortable weather to check out what some of the best Maine restaurants that are participating have to offer.

You're SERIOUSLY running out of time, though! Check out the Maine Restaurant Week website for participating restaurants, plus check out some of what's been offered all week below (and what you can still snag between today and tomorrow!) Enjoy, and Bon Appetit, Maine!

Here's Some of What's Being Offered at Maine Restaurant Week 2021

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