It's at least a three day weekend for students at Kermit Nickerson school in Swanville.

According to WCSH News Center Maine, students at a school in Swanville, ME have the day off. The superintendent's Office staff confirmed to WCSH the shortage of bus drivers was the reason school was called off classes were canceled.

This doesn't mean everyone got a free pass today. School is in session at Belfast High School and Middle School. Since busses buses aren't able to pick up students, the Superintendent's Office at RSU 71 says they can attend classes if they are able to get dropped off. So, why is Swanville having trouble? According to the article, parents in RSU 71 were told bus drivers were reassigned to bus routes of larger schools leaving Swanville school without them. RSU 71 isn't alone in scrambling to fill positions. Many school districts in the state have struggled to fill positions.


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