Maine makes lots of National lists if you do a quick Google search. From our vast array of craft breweries to our hundreds of locally-owned eateries, Maine is always making a top-10 list for something cool.

But, has Maine ever come in dead-last for something? And, if so, was it a good thing. Well, the answers to both of the aforementioned questions are undoubtedly yes and yes.

According to an article I was reading in MaineBiz, it was recently revealed that the popular site 'WalletHub' had created a list from 1-50 of states in the USA that are the safest from natural disasters.

The information looked at things like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and even earthquakes. And, what they found, is that Maine is actually a pretty safe place to be when avoiding a natural disaster. How safe you might be asking? Well Maine came in at the very bottom. Yup, number 50. Maine is THE safest place to be if you're looking to not be un-alived by natural disaster.

According to MaineBiz, for WalletHub to better determine each state's ranking on the list researchers looked at two metrics: the number of climate disasters since 1980 causing at least $1 billion in damage, and the amount lost per capita from those disasters.

In their findings, they also noticed that Maine was quite a hotspot for people in other state's looking for reprieve from the constant threat of natural disasters, most notable, California.

When it comes to the rest of the New England states, they did pretty well on the list, too. Remember, this is a list where being number 1 (Mississippi) isn't good, but being dead-last (Maine) totally is.

Connecticut came in at number 34, Massachusetts at 41, Rhode Island at 42, Vermont checked in at 43 and New Hampshire came in a couple spots below Maine at 48.

Rounding out the top three states of worst places to live if natural disasters aren't your thing include Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

So, while the Maine winters may be fairly brutal and we sometimes complain about those steamy August afternoons, you can find solace in knowing you're less likely to bite the big one from a natural disaster in Maine than anywhere else in the US of A.

Now, go outside and kiss a pine tree.

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