It’s like walking the edge of a razor but there are two places in Maine that are pulling out all the stops to keep live music and the arts alive during the pandemic, according to

The Frog & Gastro Pub in Westbrook, Maine, has musicians Don Pride and Steve Footer playing some mellow jazz as the diners enjoy their meals.  Both musicians are masked up and not able to sing per coronavirus restrictions in the state of Maine.

The only other spot offering some live music is the Cadenza in Freeport, Maine.

Both establishments are strictly following CDC guidelines in a hope that they can keep the arts alive for the winter and look forward to a time when the restrictions will lift. Restaurants have really struggled during the pandemic, but it has really kneecapped musicians.

Virtually all music venues have closed and been closed for quite some time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Imagine, there are no wedding receptions to play at, no nightclubs other than Frog & Gastro and Cadenza, no outdoor venues during the winter.  The musicians have had to rearrange their compositions to include just guitar and percussion.  No singing, brass, or woodwind instruments are permitted.

The owner of the Frog & Turtle, James Tranchmontagne,  tells, “You have to make sure art and music are supported.  In the darkest of times, that’s where some of the best music, art, and literature comes from.”

I am so glad we have people willing to support the arts during this challenging time.

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