Aggravated with their billing system, dozens of customers are looking to banish the company from Maine.

If you've experienced problems and/or inconsistencies with a bill from CMP, you're far from alone. Social media has been littered with complaints directed towards Central Maine Power, and now some residents are doing something about the problem.

According to Bangor Daily News, Brenda Scally has organized a group complaint with the Maine Public Utilities Commission. The complaint asked regulators to replace CMP with another utility and effectively banish the company from the state. Scally, of Saco gathered signatures on Election Day. Over multiple properties, she reportedly has ten CMP accounts, and told Bangor Daily News every one of them has had a major issue with billing. While under oath last summer, she shared experiences with the company at a Maine Public Utilities Commision public hearing.

Scally's complaint was one of three within a week, according to Bangor Daily News. She says "“Central Maine Power can no longer be trusted in any area.”

CMP, who had a controversial rollout of the SmartCare system a few years ago, causing thousands of billing errors has sought to have the complaints dismissed



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