I've been hearing a lot of stories like this recently and it makes me really sad. Now that the world is finally open again people are excited to go on vacation and go out to eat. I totally get that! However, many of these restaurants are short staffed which sometimes means longer wait times for tables and food. And the item you want on the menu might not be available. But that is no excuse to verbally abuse the staff that actually showed up to work that day. A lot of these workers are young. They are trying to save up for college. For many of them it is their first job EVER. We all need to take a chill pill and recognize that everyone is just doing the best they can.

According to the New York Times, Apt Cape Cod, a farm to table restaurant in Brewster, Massachusetts, experienced this in a big way until the owners finally said "enough is enough!" The article states that the final straw was when a man berated one of their young employees for telling him that he couldn't take his take-out breakfast yet because the restaurant wasn't open yet. It was then and there that the co owners of Apt Cape Cod, Regina and Brandi, decided to close the restaurant for the day and treat their employees to a "day of kindness". They took to Facebook to let the community know:

SO many other businesses in Cape Cod and beyond expressed solidarity with Apt Cape Cod. It turns out a lot of businesses have noticed this upward trend in rude customers and Brandi and Regina were just saying what everyone was thinking. They were commended for having their employee's backs and, according to the article, it prompted other people to hop aboard the kindness train. A regular customer dropped off a gift card for the restaurant’s employees to use at a local ice cream shop and then a local parasail and Jet Ski shop offered a day of fun on them!

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