Sunday selfies fell flat as a man, and Mother Nature have left visitors disappointed.

While there is more snow followed by bitter cold is on the way, the last week has been a rough ride for what has turned into Maine's biggest attraction this winter. The ice disk, which became a worldwide phenomenon has suffered a few blows in the last few days. First, someone had enough time on their hands to drive from New Jersey, and attempted to cut a peace sign on the round block of ice. The failed attempted wasn't the biggest hurdle for the natural wonder.

A January thaw.

Temperatures moved into the low 40's last weekend, and by Sunday evening, it had eroded to the point where the disk was no longer a circle, according to the Portland Press Herald. The side of the disk adjacent to Ash Street was frozen into the riverbank. Visitors were reportedly disappointed in the dwindling wonder.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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