My dad has gotten really into bird watching in his retirement! Bird watching is such a dad activity isn't it? I always tease him because he get's so hot and bothered when the squirrels eat all of the birdseed out of the bird feeders that are clearly for the birds! But he said if that is the biggest problem of his day he knows he has it pretty good.

I follow the New Hampshire Reddit thread and saw this photo of a gorgeous Bluebird spotted in Southern New Hampshire. Look how vibrant he/she is! I think this is such a great picture, I immediately screen shot it and sent it to my daddio.

Rose from Southern New Hampshire via Reddit
Rose from Southern New Hampshire via Reddit

According to this Reddit thread and Google images this guy is an Eastern Bluebird. A few people mentioned they have meal worm feeders specifically to attract them!

According to this article from UNH, Eastern Bluebirds haven't always remained in New Hampshire year-round. Thanks to warmer temperatures and the kindness of humans who leave food out for them all Winter long, many have decided not to migrate south for the Winter. If you want Eastern Bluebird visitors, this article suggests leaving out suet, peanut butter mixes, mealworms or raisins soaked in hot water.

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