January 28, 1986. It's one of the days where, if you are old enough to remember, you know exactly what you were doing when you heard the horrible news.

Word out of Hollywood today is that Michelle Williams has been cast to play New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe in an upcoming feature film called 'The Challenger.'

The true-story drama will be all about the Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew. It was the 10th shuttle mission that fateful day for the Challenger and as millions across the nation watched from our television sets, we saw the horrific explosion just over a minute after launching on January 28, 1986. The crew aboard the Challenger were:  Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnick, Michael J. Smith, Francis “Dick” Scobee, Ronald McNair and Christa McAuliffe.

Production on the film is expected to begin in May of next year. (2019).  Michelle Williams has a long-line of acting credits to her name. According to her IMDB site, Williams not only has starred in major motion pictures, but also has landed some TV roles as well. Williams is 38 years old.

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