A very scary scene took place in Manchester, New Hampshire, when a woman fell into a dumpster and was later compacted four times, according to a Boston 25 News article.

This is not a horror movie plot, although it certainly could be.

It is still unclear how, but on Monday, January 29, 2024, a Manchester woman fell into a dumpster. Hours later, a garbage truck came by, picked up the dumpster with the woman in it, and flipped the dumpster into the truck compactor.

"According to fire officials, the garbage was compacted up to four times before the driver noticed the woman through a camera in a truck," according to Boston 25 News.

Once the driver noticed (but not before the compactor had done some damage already), he called 911, and first responders then carried out an intricate and unusual rescue over the course of the next 30 minutes.

“All you heard was screaming,” said neighbor Amanda Czzowitz to Boston 25 News. “She was in agony.”

Neighbors told Boston 25 News that the woman is a 60-year-old fellow resident.

The scary and unusual situation gained the attention of many neighbors in Manchester. “My kids are home from school, and they’re watching," said neighbor Matthew Czzowitz to Boston 25 News. "I was like, 'Girls, once you see her come out, I don’t want you watching'.”

It is not clear how long the woman was trapped in the dumpster before she was thrown into the compactor.

According to a WGAL article, Battalion Chief Bob Beaudet said:

"In 32 years, I've never seen anything like this my whole career... It's alarming, because you don't really think it's true. You don't think it really happens, but in this day and age, times are tough, and people do different things. So, that was definitely one for the books."

The woman was taken to a hospital, and officials say she sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover, according to WGAL.

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