It would set a terrible precedent to allow people over 21 to attend what is essentially a high school dance. Why are people so upset about this?

It just makes sense. Likewise, I wouldn't want 16 year old kids going to a middle school dance either. We have rules like this for a good reason.

For those unfamiliar with the story, a Manchester Central student wanted to bring a 22 year old along as date. The tickets say you have to be under 21, so the request was denied. The appeal to the school board was also denied.

We can't really ask the school board to judge these on a case by case basis. What would the criteria be? Appearances? Academic standing? I frankly don't care about that. An honor roll student shouldn't have any more rights than a C student, nor should being clean cut proffer advantage over being a little scraggly.

Could an exception be made for immediate family or truly extenuating circumstances? Sure. This situation doesn't even vaguely resemble anything of the sort. Congratulations, Manchester School Board, on making the correct decision.

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