It’s a bittersweet story reported on by Nicole Olmstead’s daughter Rachel Ribecca passed away last year. She had her daughters’ ashes made into a pendant so that she could feel her with her at all times. Then, the pendant got lost. Nicole Olmstead was heartbroken. She posted pleas for help on social media in February and the pendant was returned to her on Monday.

Her reaction to the return of the pendant might shock you. Initially, when I read the story by, I thought she would be happiest at the return of the pendant by a person that has chosen to remain anonymous. She said “I was elated and overjoyed by this but more so overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love from my community and beyond.

Even if she were never returned to me, I felt comforted in knowing people still care about one another, even for a stranger they have never met.” So, after the return of the pendant, acknowledged the message of hope and love from her community meant the most to her. I am so happy this story ended in the return of the pendant but still sorry for Nicole’s loss of her precious daughter Rachel.


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