Maine is known for seafood, but don’t look down on their pizza skills


When you think of outstanding pizza, Maine may not be your first thought, but it should be.  The restaurant, When Pigs Fly, has some outstanding choices that might surprise you.  Most people think of bread when they think of When Pigs Fly and they are known for their outstanding bread that is sold throughout New England as some supermarkets and even their three stores in the Boston area.  And yes, the bread is the awesome, but their pizzas are out of this world.


I am a Pizza Expert


I consider myself somewhat of a pizza expert.  I am a foodie for sure, but pizza must be good for me to eat.  My family makes fun of me because when they have pizza delivered unless I see the pizza guy at the door, I won’t eat it.  I am very picky about fresh, hot pizza.  I love shopping at Kittery Trading Post and plan on stopping by When Pigs Fly when I do my Christmas shopping.  Besides their outstanding pizza, I might want to try one of their other dishes such as the Brussel sprouts that have been flash-fried and have a savory ginger and sesame sauce according to   My wife hates Brussel sprouts, but I love them.


Pizza and Toppings


One of the things that make When Pigs Fly so special is their use of local ingredients such as wild mushrooms. according to necn. Nothing beats that char taste of a true wood-fired pizza.  I know the weather is turning, but they have lots of outdoor eating space designed to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. I hope they keep them up because the open picnic table atmosphere is wonderful.  After a busy shopping day, you might be tempted for a lobster roll but give When Pigs Fly a try to satisfy your special pizza craving.  You can even wash it down with a beer from one of the local craft brewers in the area.


Since we are on my favorite topic food...

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