This is Such a Sad Turn of Events

You might remember the article I wrote about River Dave not too long ago.  Dave has lived on a property in Canterbury, NH for the past 27 years.  The owner of the land was unaware that River Dave was even on his property until the government found out he had a house on it and wanted to tax him, according to this YouTube video.  The owner wanted Dave gone but Dave said he wouldn't go as he believes the land is his.  So, he was arrested.  Dave is 81 years old.

There's Been an Update

Dave had a hearing on Wednesday, according to WMUR, and hours after the hearing, River Dave's cabin in Canterbury was burned to the ground.  The report says that the Fire Marshall is still looking into the cause of the fire, but many people are assuming the landowner who lives in Burlington, Vermont had something to do with it.

Dave has a lot of supporters.  Check out this video:

River Dave Can Return to Gather His Belongings

What belongings?  River Dave can go back to the property to gather whatever might be left, but if you watch the video in this article, what is there to get?  The entire cabin looks to me like it's been burned to the ground.  The video does show chickens running around the property, so maybe River Dave can gather them up and bring them to his new home, which I am sure he will be able to find with the outpouring of support from the community and beyond.  Dave had other animals on the property besides the chickens.  Some of them may have perished in the fire.

Why Did This Have to Happen?

That's the question that everyone is asking at this point.  If the property owner had to pay taxes on the property because it had a structure on it, couldn't there have been something worked out with the Town/State?  It's such a shame that it appears that it all comes down to money.  If the property owner didn't have to be taxed because of River Dave's house, would he be making such a fuss?  I mean, the owner didn't even know the guy lived there!  He's been there for 27 years!  If the landowner didn't have the money to pay the taxes, couldn't he sell the property with River Dave on it?  There are contingencies that can be made with the sale.  I mean, this whole thing seems heartless!  Believe me, I'd be upset and so would most people if they found out that there was someone living on a property that I owned and all of a sudden, I had to pay taxes on it, but I would have to look at the history of this situation.  River Dave has been there for 27 years!  NH Chronicle even did a story about him and his life.  It just doesn't seem right to A) throw him in jail and B) BURN DOWN HIS PROPERTY!!!

Why I Love Most People

River Dave has received an outpouring of monetary help and offers to live in other places.  I'm pretty convinced that he is going to be set for everything he needs.  River Dave lived off the land, so he obviously doesn't need much!  I'm sure that he wants to go back to the place that he called home for almost three decades, but until then, he has a lot of supporters to help him.

Dave is Still Upbeat and Positive

River Dave has lost a lot, but he told 

It's all physical stuff.....  It's what you have in friends that counts. These multimillionaires and billionaires -- I'm happier than they are.

Amen to the River Dave.  Amen to that.

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