If you live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Maine, chances are you're familiar with the drama that unfolded in the summer of 2014. Now a movie, 'We The People: The Market Basket Effect.' is set to premiere next month. 

There were protests by scores of both loyal employees and customers. There were work stoppages and even firings of several employees who worked for the Market Basket chain for decades. It all came to head after the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts-based grocery chain ousted longtime CEO, Arthur T DeMoulas (Artie T). After a couple of months, 'Artie T,' was reinstated and life got back to normal.

Credit Karen Kiley

Now, a movie, 'We The People: The Market Basket Effect' is set to premiere at select theatres in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in April. Narrated by actor Michael Chiklis, (a Lowell, Mass native) the movie will be shown at the following theatres on the following dates:

New Hampshire
April 14th: Claremont Five Star Cinema, Claremont, NH
April 14-19th: Stockbridge in Derry, NH
April 21st: Derry Five Star Cinema, Derry, NH

April 15&16th: Luna Theatre, Lowell, MA
April 15-26th: Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
April 21st: Cinema Salem, Salem, MA

Credit Karen Kiley