According to one report, the driver 'should have never been on the top floor,' and is using GPS as the scapegoat for this.

Personally, I'm a map guy. At some point, most everyone ends up gifted an Road Atlas. Know why? I care. You're not going to know what to do when your navigation system collapses. A map doesn't run out of service or battery. Maps are breakable, but you can still salvage it if you drop one in the water. 

Also, GPS makes us dumb. 

How else would you explain a man who drove a heavy dump truck to the top of a parking garage? I mean, let's not explore the fact this apparently has the clearance level for one. That's mind blowing enough. You're driving a giant truck in an area suited for cars half your size? What makes this okay? The GPS said so? Did the GPS give you a once over before clearing you for sendoff? 'oh, yeah...dump truck...just go where the voice tells problem.'

Yet, here we are. According to CBS 13, A dump truck fell through the roof of a Quincy, Massachusetts parking garage onto the cars below Wednesday. The driver was lost, and using GPS on his phone. While at the top of a garage, he made a U turn, and caused closed a million dollars in damage when the truck fell through the garage, according to police. VOA News captured footage.

A map wouldn't have allowed this nonsense.



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