Officials are scrambling to keep everyone warm this upcoming winter.

According to an article by NECN, Mayor Dan Rivera of Lawrence is seeking plumbers to help out with the recovery efforts concerning the Merrimack Valley explosions. He recently Tweeted his request. In the Tweet, affiliation with a Union is not required. They are feverishly working to keep residents warm when the real cold snaps hit later this year. Interested plumbers were asked to call an 800 number to inquire about work.

Back on September 13th, the city of Lawrence was one of three towns which were hit hard by the explosions. According to NECN, they resulted in the death of one man, more than 20 injuries and 8,600 displaced residents.

In addition to Lawrence, Andover and North Andover have also been hard at work recovering as a result of the disaster. Crews are reportedly working towards a Nov. 19 deadline to replace nearly 50 miles of pipelines.

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