I have felt sad for kids all throughout the pandemic who have missed out on their birthday celebrations. For me, It's not a huge loss if I don't get to celebrate my 32nd birthday with family and friends. But for kids, birthdays really matter! When I meet new kids I always ask them "When's your birthday?!" and they are THRILLED to tell me all about it; when it is, what they are doing celebrate, what presents they want, etc. Since it has been a full year, all of us have had to celebrate a Covid birthday. (unless you're a leap year baby!) Kudos to the parents who still manage to make their kids Birthday's special with parades, small gatherings, etc.

7-year-old Carver has a March birthday so this means that Covid rained on not one but TWO of his birthday parades. According to WCVB, a certain Hopkinton police officer wanted to make sure that Carver's 7th birthday was a memorable one. Officer Rob Ekross went out on his own and purchased some birthday gifts for Carver. He went to his house and personally delivered them while his dad Tom, older brother Grady, and dog Sandy happily spectated.

Hopkinton MA Police Department
The Hopkinton Police department wrote on Facebook wishing Carver and very happy birthday. Since Carver has expressed he would like to be a police officer when he grows up, the post said "we look forward to your service as a Hopkinton Police Officer in 2035!" How cute is that? I think it's safe to say Carver's 7th birthday is one he will never forget.

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