A selfie photo of a Massachusetts sergeant near where a stabbing took place was taken and posted to his Facebook without comment, and it's caused a major stir with the victim's family, according to NECN.

Most of us have developed a social media filter of some sort. Even those who claim to be free-for-all will take many pictures before uploading the final product. Most of us will take our surroundings into account before posting.

Then, there's this guy.

Over the course of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a woman was fatally stabbed multiple times, allegedly by a man she had dated, according to NECN.

The news site reported that Rutland Police Sgt. Troy Chauvin posted a selfie to his Facebook page without comment and shows him in front of O'Connors Restaurant & Bar. This was the scene of the crime.

NECN reported the guy has since deleted the original post, apologized and explained in another post that he is a huge fan of Irish bars and has his own in his basement. However, it isn't sitting well with the victim's family.

Erin Ethier, a relative, shared Chauvin's photo to Facebook with the comment, "Hey Rutland Police Department... isn't this your Sergeant posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook!"

Chauvin remains on active duty and has not been placed on leave during the investigation, according to NECN

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