The first rule of robbery: Always cover your tracks... literally.

The first snowstorm of the season can be a wake-up call to many. For example, a maiden voyage in the snow brings back winter travel survival skills which may have turned rusty.

However, we're back on track by day two, and ready for the next four months. (yes, this weather will likely be the norm until late March). Also, when conducting a present day robbery, one must take a number of factors into consideration.

Home security systems have come a long way in a the app age. So, even if you've mastered this crucial modern day hurdle, you still might be foiled by Mother Nature, and forget this very basic step.


According to NECN, a man in Melrose, Massachusetts was allegedly using the storm as an opportunity to break into people's cars.

Police received a call shortly before 4am Tuesday, and when they found suspect Steven Goodrich, he allegedly made a run for it... in the snow.

So, police followed the tracks until they found him under a child's play-set. They found a stolen driver's license on him, a felony.

Police told NECN that Goodrich already had multiple warrants for his arrest in Chelsea, and Lowell, where he's from.


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