To say New England’ summer weather has been less than ideal is on par with calling Bill Belichick moderately successful. But we got a nice treat over the weekend, and yours truly was there to witness it with my own eyes.

A double-rainbow appeared over the North Shore, clearly visible from Peabody, Massachusetts. Just like that, a Friday grocery crowd stressed over dinner and barbecues stopped as one to look up at the sky and enjoy a colorful five minutes.

Photo Credit: Jon Rineman
Photo Credit: Jon Rineman

The double-rainbow phenomenon first took off in 2010, when a man posted a YouTube video taken in Yosemite National Park in California, sharing his elation over seeing a double-rainbow. The clip went viral, and while the man behind it – Paul “Bear” Vasquez – sadly passed in 2020, his joy lives on, and was mentioned all the way up here in Peabody 13 years later.

It was a rare, bright spot in a summer filled with smokey skies, hot temperatures, and record rainfall. In fact, New Hampshire had already had one of its rainiest summers since 1885 without even counting August or the first few weeks of September.

This came after meteorologists warned that when it wasn’t raining, the Granite State could be in for some record heat, another prophecy that proved rather true. But if you can’t take the heat, there’s good news around the corner…

Following a fairly dull winter in 2022-23, the trusty Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a historically snowy winter in New England for 2023-24. But we’ll always have our North Shore Double Rainbow to make us smile…

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