It seems like more and more, regular people are getting involved in the search for missing people. While it's never okay to interfere in an active investigation, it seems like some of these armchair detectives are providing valuable tips.

One of my favorite podcasts was about one such case. Missing Maura Murray.

If you're not familiar with the case,  Murray was a UMASS student who disappeared on Route 112 near Woodsville, New Hampshire, a village in Haverhill.  This happened back in 2004 and her family has never given up the search.

According to Stitcher, "Maura was a 21 year old student in February of 2004 when she inexplicably drove three hours from her dorm in Amherst, Massachusetts to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and vanished".

Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna started the podcast to try to track down clues as to what could have happened. They were able to interview Maura's family, who are now petitioning the state of New Hampshire to allow a historical marker to be placed at the spot she was last seen.

WMUR reports the family had already placed a ribbon on a tree near where she was last seen walking, but now the homeowner wants to cut the tree down.

The Murray family said "We must be pro-active to preserve the sacred place that my family and thousands of people visit each and every year", according to WMUR.

There is currently a bill being considered that would prohibit roadside memorials. In order to prevent that, the Murray's are asking for signatures here.

If you want to find out more about the Maura Murray case, check out this great documentary from Oxygen network.


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