Spring has finally broken for more than a day at a time, and families from all over descended upon Sunflower Farm in Cumberland in order to hang out with...goats.


Saw some 🐐 🐐 🐐 today. ...and so did half of Southern Maine 😂

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The annual "Kid Snuggling Hours" has grown each year. For a few hours, visitors are free to visit, and hold goats of all ages. The newborn "kids" are the real attraction.

Credit: Andy Austin

We thought we were ahead of the curve by arriving in the Portland suburb of Cumberland well before the start time of 1pm. Driving down Harmon Lane, we quickly realized there were many other like minded goat fans. Many of whom were risking an insurance claim by parking their top heavy SUV's with two wheels in the ditch, pitching their vehicles at a 45 degree angle.

Plus, there was already a line. A LONG line. Word of mouth, an incredibly popular Facebook page, and the price, (free) have turned this into a must in Maine, and parts of New Hampshire.

After hangin' with the goats, guests can shop for goat cheese, and many other items, made Sunflower farm. A huge hit with children, check their website for "goat yoga," and other future events.