A new study shows that the sugar in milk might actually HURT your bones.

Sorry little Susie. That glass of milk may not be helping your bones at all.
Sorry little Susie. That glass of milk may not be helping your bones at all.

I was always told that drinking milk would give me the bones of Superman, but a new study shows that the cow juice may actually be bad for them.

The BMJ claims that the study found that drinking more milk doesn't protect them from breaking, and might actually inflame your bones. This means that a glass of milk may make it more likely for your bones to break.

This is why I subscribe to the belief that we should all eat what we like and know our limits. In a few years, doctors will probably claim whatever you were eating prevents cancer. Of course they will have to backtrack as opposing studies will show that they DO cause cancer.

For example, I like Barbecue Fritos more than I love my family. Would I like to eat them all of the time without stopping? Yes. Do I go down that path of gluttony on a daily basis? Depends on how much I've had to drink.

Nothing about my eating habits would change if you told me right now that Barbecue Fritos increased my risk of heart disease. Same goes for telling me they help prevent diabetes. This is because I know that in the end it comes down to genes (and living a decently healthy lifestyle.)

We are all smart enough to know what is pretty good or pretty bad for us. Don't let every study stop you from enjoying french fries or mowing down a healthy helping of shepard's pie

Have a glass of milk (or rum), relax and enjoy your life.


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