About a month ago, we started asking you to fill out cards for our military troops this holiday season.

The Holiday Cards For Our Military challenge was started by Laura Landerman-Garber twenty years ago.

We teamed up with her this year to ask you to fill out cards for the troops and we've already gotten so many back which is amazing.

Today, I got a new bundle of cards and these were extra special.  They are handmade cards from the kids at Milton Elementary School in Milton, NH and they are the most adorable things I've ever seen!

christmas cards 2

Here are just a few of the messages that the kids wrote:

Sophia, age 7:

"Dear Warrior, i want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Thank you for everything that you do!"

Ryleigh, age 7:

"Dear My Soldier, I hope you are safe.  I hope you come home soon."

Jasper, age 7, drew a smiley face and says "I love you soldier".

The entire class each had their own unique drawings and great penmanship too!

christmas cards 3

Thank you to Hannah, Sadie, William, Jace, Isaac, Mia, Declan, Nolan, Liam, Maci, Kiarah, Rene, Olivia, Curt, Grace, Raymond, Adriana, Bella, Liam, Cambree, Ryleigh, Jackson, Madeline, Mila, Jasper, Landon, Penn, Zach, Mac and Sophia!

If your school or office, or organization wants to fill out cards to get to the troops, this is our final week.  Please let us know and we'll drop off blank cards and pick them up, or you can do homemade cards like Milton Elementary.

christmas cards 4

Thank you to Southers Construction, Laura Landerman-Garber and all of YOU for helping out with this challenge!

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