Nothing says winter more than a SPA DAY!

Fellas, don't pretend that a spa day does not sound good. Whether you're soaking in a hot tub or sweating out your sins in a sauna, spa days are for everyone.

A brand new Icelandic Spa has opened up in Boston, Massachusetts, and people are curious about it...

That is a spa in Iceland...not Boston. However, the Icelandic Spa is what Boston's newest spa is modeled after.

The spa is pretty simple, unlike others that I have seen.

Typical spas have a menu, kind of like a restaurant. You pick and choose what you want your spa day to include, and it racks up to hundreds of dollars.

Moki, Boston's newest spa, takes away the stress of a spa menu. Everything is included in the $55 price.

I think the best part of this is the location, especially during the winter. You can soak in a tub or be blasted with heat while watching a snowstorm in Beantown.

Mokisauna, via Instagram
Mokisauna, via Instagram

The $55 sauna village pass gets you two-hour access to the use of all saunas, cold plunges, and relaxation areas, according to the Moki website.
Towels, slippers, lockers, heated changing areas, and rinsing stations are all included, and robes can be made available for a small fee.

According to Boston's newest spa, the process is easy for beginners to the self-care lifestyle:

Our Process
Follow our recommend cycle of 10-15 min heating, 1-3 min cooling, and 5 min of relaxing.

Connect With Others or Yourself
Sessions typically last about 90 minutes with additional time to get changed. Use this time for reflection or enjoy the company in the saunas.

Listen to Your Body
If this is your first time its important to go at your own pace and take extra time to relax.

Moki is located in Boston on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Rowes Wharf at the intersection of Atlantic Ave, Purchase Street, and High Street, across from the Boston Harbor Hotel.

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